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EvenIDontKnow is built from a motto to guide and teach people the subject they want to gain knowledge on, but with no idea how to. This purpose cannot be fulfilled with the efforts of a simple person and not even with a group sometimes. So, by accepting the guest articles we are increasing the scope of subject knowledge an individual can obtain form EvenIDontKnow.

Be the change and help others with the articles you write as a guest writer here. Always remember what Mr Robert G said,
"We Rise by Lifting others"

Topics We Cover:

  1. Tech-related Articles
  2. Android Studio Tips and Tricks
  3. Android and Latest Updates
  4. Programming Articles

Guest articles guidelines:

Here's what we don't want from you

spam: Don't spam articles with too many links or making the content not worthy for readers.Don’t add more than 4 relevant and informative links

Content: Evenidontknow is meant for detailed content so we usually accept articles which are detail and unique in content and the content should be 800+ words.

Images: The contributor who is willing to publish articles may help us with at least one or two images which are licenced or free to use with good resolution.

How to Submit:

Make sure to Structure your posts into paragraphs with headings. That will be great if you include pictures in articles but make sure you have rights under creative commons license. Be sure to include image credits and links.

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