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Everybody should learn to Code because it teaches you how to think. - Steve Jobs

“At EveniDontKnow we strive hard to make things perfect and affordable to EveryOne.” CEO


Everyone out there is looking for an online course which is developed by experts, and EIDK has found issue with this age-old technique of designing a class as per an expert's point of view but not as per the student's needs, capabilities and which helps them to reproduce it in the real-time projects. So, what are the current Tech-Savy era tutee seeking?

More: Flexible timings, user-friendly, understandable, more illustrations etc., and here at EIDK an aspirant can avail all that he/she pursuits. As EIDK makes coding as simple as ABC, "AnyBody can Code

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Stand out from the Crowd

There are millions of tech aspirants who are waiting to snatch your job from your hands. So, all you need is that one certificate which can strengthen your skills and retain the job or gain a new gig. Sometimes just having a new skill ahead of others can satisfy our thirst of mastering what you seek.

Any Body can Code

We Believe that everybody has the right to learn new things, that is where the idea of EIDK has deep-seated.

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Cannot Afford the online course?

You can't afford the course? Worry not! Email us and win a chance to earn the course at free of cost. We raise by raising others is one of the mottos we firmly believe at EIDK.

“We will get back to you after carefully scrutinizing your E-Mail. ” Manaswi, Project Lead
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Why Premium Classes?

If your learning objective is to gain critical knowledge of individual concepts inside a branch of knowledge, our courses are for you. Our Certificate courses, with an average completion time of 40-50 hours, enable you to concentrate your learning on particular points, to furnish you with explicit mastery in your field or industry. By directing your energy on singular concepts, the corner skills you gain could separate you from the rest.

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Worried about Timings?

Learn in your free time and earn new qualifications at your own pace. Of course, the essential aspect is that the majority of the content is free!!
Because it's the first E-learning platform of its kind, with the best examples to make your understanding more easy and comprehensive.

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Frequently asked questions

Why are the Course fee so low?

Though we had every opportunity to charge as high as the rest of the course providers, we did not. Because we want everyone to learn and grow in this ever-changing world of coding and programming, the only aspect that stopped many in accomplishing this goal is 'Money.' So, we created a platform with the lowest prices possible and with the same overpriced content everyone looking for.

Who are eligable for the Free online sections?

The needy. If one cannot afford the course we are here to help; he/she can get the course at free of cost.
Note: Such cases will be carefully scrutinised before taking any step.

What is the Course Duration, and what amount of time would it take to complete the course?

Course length varies by course opted. please find the consolidated information below.

  • Android Development - 40-50 hours
  • Python Development - 45-55 hours
  • Front End Web Development - Coming soon
when will I be awared a certficate?

Course length differs from one to another. Certainly, once one have successfully completed the course, he/she will be awarded a certificate (online soft copy).
If one needs a hardcopy, additional charges are applicable.

Note: If you are one of those free course learners, we regret to inform that, no such hard-copy certification shall be awarded.

Haven't found an answer to your question yet?

Your questions are important to us,let us know you query in detail. please email us at [email protected].